(solved)Module 1 Intro to Communication. . . . .

Length:250 words per prompt (about one double-spaced page);750 words totalReferences:no references requiredFormat:save your reflections as a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), Open Office (.odt) or rich text format (.rtf) file typeSubmission:submit your assignment to the Drop BoxAssignment:Journal: Why Are You Here?This week you will reflect on the value of this course for your personal and professional life. Reflect on the following questions:What are your short-term and long-term goals for your education? How do these relate to your career goal(s)?What are your goals and motivations for taking this course? While this is a required course for all students, each student brings different experiences, challenges and strengths to this learning experience. These differences create a very different learning experience for each student. Reflect on your personal situation as it relates to your goals for this course. Consider a communication goal that you hope to accomplish in the near future. How will you accomplish it? What skills do you hope to gain from this course that will help you meet your goal?

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