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For this assignment, the Learning Team will identify two possible solutions identified from Week 3 (JC Penny).  During this discussion, consider the methods used to think of creative solutions. Describe how critical thinking was used in the group discussion to identify these solutions, and explain how the team overcame barriers. The assignment should demonstrate how the team used the four key factors with their business decision. Assignment Steps Select two potential creative solutions for the problem you identified in Week 3. 1.(Sell home good items like appliances) 2.(Offering business to business solutions for hotels and lodging industries)Create a Power Point Presentation containing potential solutions and the team’s decision-making process.Slide 1.)Discuss how critical thinking was applied to come up with potential solutions and to motivate change.Slide2.)Explain how the team used the four key factors to make the suggested business decisions. Cite a minimum of two sources. Format the assignment consistent with UOP Power Point Requirements.

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