(solved)RG 102 – 03: Life amp; Teachings of Jesus Professor: Agniel Samson, Th. Study Guide 17 (pages 203 – 217) 1.. . . . .

RG 102 – 03: Life & Teachings of JesusProfessor: Agniel Samson, Th.D.Study Guide 17(pages 203 – 217)1.The drama of divine redemption occurred in connection with theFeast of the_____________________2.In what city did Jesus spend the night?_____________________3.Besides Jesus, whom did the people expect to see there?_____________________4.The chief priests determined to put these two men to death:a._____________________b._____________________5.Jesus’ entrance to Jerusalem on this occasion is called His_____________________6.It would have been more appropriate to call it His_____________________7.Jesus came, not as a mighty warrior, but as a_____________________8.What prophet said that the Messiah would ride a colt?_____________________9.Others cut branches from what trees?_____________________10.What did the crowd sing in that occasion? (The first sixwords only)_____________________11.Jesus did not stop them, because these were_____________________12.The Pharisees called on Jesus to_____________________13.What did Jesus say would cry if he silenced the crowds?_____________________14.The procession reached the crest of the_____________________15.The beauty of the city was crowned by the beautiful_____________________16.The Romans would besiege and destroy this city_____________________17.This came to pass in_____________________18.All because she knew not the time of her_____________________19.On their way into the city they had clearly proclaimed Him to be the_____________________20.Now, they say nothing about the Christ. They called Him a_____________________21.According to Ps. 8:2, “from the mouths of children and nursing infants, you have prepared _____________________22.Jesus found the bedlam of a marketplace in the_____________________23.According to Jesus, God’s house was supposed to be a_____________________24.These people had turned it into a_____________________25.This Gospel reported the cleansing at the outset of Jesus’ ministry_____________________26.Some (___) had come to Jerusalem to the Passover_____________________27.Greeks who were studying Judaism but who had not yetaccepted it as their religion were called_____________________28.Name the two disciples who facilitated their requesta._____________________b._____________________29.Jesus had said previously that His fold would contain”___” than Jews._____________________30.Jesus saw in them the promise of the multitude of (___)_____________________who would believe upon Him.31.That brought upon Him an increasing burden of His_____________________32.Only through His(___)_____________________could Greeks be brought to Him.33.They needed a full understanding of His saving (a) and (b):a._____________________b._____________________34.Jesus described His own alternative by using the figure of a_____________________35.By saving His life, Jesus would defeat the purpose of His_____________________36.Jesus prayed: Father, save me from this_____________________37.If Jesus’ statement ends in a period or a colon, then it becomes a_____________________38.But if it be ended with a question mark, it becomes a _____________________2

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