(Solved) JavaScript and HTML fill in the 3 Blanks/Solutions

JavaScript and HTML fill in the 3 Blanks/Solutions.

#1 Part 1

Assign newElement with a new li element. Assign textNode with a new TextNode containing “Alex”.

HTML code-

<ul id=”list”>





Javascript code-

var parentTag = document.getElementById(‘list’);

/* Your solution goes here */



#1 part 2

Assign jsonData with a JSON object with properties: studentName (a string), age (a number) and siblings (an array of strings). Note: The content of the properties doesn’t matter.


var jsonData;
/* Your solution goes here */


Store a new XMLHttpRequest object in the xhr variable, then assign xhrHandler function as the “load” event listener.


function xhrHandler() {
console.log(“handling response: ” + this.responseText);

/* Your solution goes here */

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