(Solved)1. Which is not one of the ‘LITY’ in product design cycle

1. Which is not one of the ‘LITY’ in product design cycle ?

A- Quality


C- Curability

D. Maintainability

E. Reliability

2. which one of the following is not in the DFM activities?

A- optimize concept

B- simplify

C- Ensure process conformance

D- Increase productivity

E- optimize product function

1. explain briefly the market plan structure and the purpose and significance of a good marketing plan?

2. what are some of the disadvantages of being a public company?

3. what should an entrepreneur look for when seeking to develop a constructive banking relationship?

4.explain the different levels in concurrent engineering culture and their importance ?

5. Studies indicate that family-influenced companies consistently outperform non-family businesses on annual shareholder return, return on assets, and both annual revenue and income growth.

A) True B) false for manufacture process where designers engineers, managers and ‘ others’ consider enterprise’s total production system and design that can effectively manufactured within the system​?

a)TRUE b) false

7. labor constitutes the highest percentage of influence in determining the product cost?

a) true b)false

8.’clean up’ a line of credit means paying the line down to zero and holding a zero balance for one or two months

a)true b) false

9. unlike equity investors, bank place very little weight on the quality of the management team?

a) true b ) false

10-lines of credit most be secured by a pledge of inventory, receivables, equipment, or other acceptable assets ​

a) true b)false

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