(Solved)1. Which of the following is not a common reason for faci

1. Which of the following is not a common reason for facility layout studies?

a. There is significant change in demand or throughput volume.
b. A new good or service is introduced to the customer benefit package.
c. A new material supplier is used.
d. Different process, equipment and/or technology are installed.

2. One of the differences between product layouts and process layouts is that unlike product layouts, process layouts:
a. require highly specialized equipment.
b. provide more flexibility.
c. have higher automation potential.
d. have less materials-handling costs.
e. have more materials-handling and inventory costs.

3. Megan plans the facility layout of her new shop that would sell a variety of healthcare industry machines. She arranges the machines in a way that the machines are grouped according to their functions. Which of the following types of facility layouts has Megan used in her shop?

a. A process layout
b. A product layout
c. A cellular layout
d. A fixed-position layout
e. A dynamic process layout

4. A ____ layout is an arrangement based on the sequence of operations that are performed during the manufacturing of a good or the delivery of a service.
a. Product
b. Process

c. Cellular
d. Fixed position

5. Which of the following is true of fixed-position layouts?
a. The changeover requirements are low at best.
b. The automation potential is moderate.
c. The volume of product demand is high in most instances.
d. The equipment utilization is high, except when using cellular manufacturing.
e. The balance of equipment utilization versus automation potential is low.

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