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3 points Save Answer Question 29 As a condition for being allowed to apply for a job with Fields & Co, Cynthia is asked to provide her social media user names and passwords for Linkedin, FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter. Having cleaned up her accounts of potentially embarassing photos, friends and comments, Cynthia agrees and provides the information. She receives the job, and later returns her social media posts to their original condition and changes her user names and passwords. Cynthia intentionally does not provide Fields & Co with the new user information and sets her privacy settings so only close friends have access to her postings. Months later, Fields & Co’s IT tech, as part of the company’s periodic monitoring of its employers, manages to access Cynthia’s accounts despite the new user information and reports his findings to HR. As a result of this report, Cynthia is disciplined for conduct outside the workplace that purportedly reflects poorly on her employer. What recourse, if anything, does Cynthia have? 0 a. Cynthia has no recourse because employers are entitled to monitor their employee’s outside conduct. O b. Cynthia has claims for violation of privacy because Fields & Co hacked her social media accounts 0 c. Cynthia has no claims against Fields & Co because she should have understood that her employer monitors its employees’ social media sites and she created a waiver by voluntarily providing the information in order to get the job. O d. Cynthia will have recourse against Fields & Co only if she posted items while using her employer’s computer at work

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