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3 points Save Answer Question 38 Snappy Corp is a small closely held corporation with 35 employees. It’s owners are Christian Scientists and believe that illness is a sign of moral weakness that can be prayed away rather than treated with modern medicine. Snappy Corp is located in Sacramento, California and its owners have declined to develop a written policy about sick leave because they feel that the new California paid sick leave policy violates their religious freedom. Snappy Corp has been warned by its attorney that if it doesn’t develop a written policy capping the use of mandatory paid sick leave, it will have to follow the statute. Angela is an long-time employee at Snappy Corp. She has worked full-time since 2013 and never taken a day off. She has just been diagnosed with a treatable cancer. Which is a correct statement of the law? O a, Angela is entitled to take up to 12 weeks unpaid leave under the Family Medical Leave Act. O b. Because Snappy Corp refused to develop a paid sick leave written policy, Angela may have accrued nearly 9 days of paid sick leave by July OC. Angela will be capped at 3 paid sick days per year regardless of how long she has worked at Snappy Corp Od.Snappy Corp does not have to comply with California’s mandatory paid sick leave law because it can assert religious objections, such as 1, 2016 permitted under the US Supreme Court Hobby Lobby case

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