(Solved)a)Whether One Colorado intended to create a bilateral or Un

a)Whether One Colorado intended to create a bilateral or Unilateral contract? why?

b) Whether the requirements for a valid contract and explain fully hopw each of these requirements was or was not met in A on the previous page. Use IRAC

c) Whether One Colorado can collect damages and in what amounts? Use IRAC

I. Essay Pat Parker, President of One Colorado Redevelopment, Inc. engaged you to perform a special study to project the income or loss the Company should expe iom contract to red evelop a commercial real estate complex located in Pasadena, California. You have been presented with the following documents etter dated October 1, 1993 from Pat Parker to Brad Duea, president of Red Brick Company. The letter read as follows: “Please ship 15,000 grade B “Red Brick Brand” bricks. We will pay the current market price of $1.00 per brick As in the past, unless we hear from you to the contrary by return mail, well will assume you have agreed to promise to deliver. The bricks must arrive at the development site by October 30, 1993, and time is of the essence. If the bricks are not received by such date, we will be unable to complete the project by December 31, 1993 and thus lose a $50.000 redevelopment tax credit for this tax year.” B. A letter dated October 20, 1993 from Brad Duea to Pat Parker. The letter read as follows: “We received your order of October 1, or 15,000 grade B Red Brick Brand” bricks for $1.00 each. Until today, we were sure we could deliver such bricks and intended to do so However, half of our last supply of bricks, which had been set aside for you, was shipped to another customer by mistake. Unless we go to great expense, it will be impossible for us to produce new bricks for 2 months. 9 As such, we have shipped half your order today and have arranged with our competitor, Super Brick Company to send you the other half by your deadline. The bricks will not bear our brand name, but will meet you specifications in all other ways, including the price of $1.00 C. A letter dated November 15, 1993 from Parker to Duea read as follows: “Super Brick Company delivered, however, the bricks did not arrive until November 10. As such, we cannot complete the project by December 31, and will lose our tax credit. In addition, Super Brick has billed us $1.10 per brick. We intend to hold you responsible.

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