(solved)BScenario Lonsdale Fitness went through a rapid expansion and all franchises were left to function as independent units.. . . . .

BScenarioLonsdale Fitness went through a rapid expansion and all franchises were left to function as independent units.  Lonsdale Fitness wants to increase client satisfaction and has now decided to standardise the way in which the franchises operate.  Complaints received from clients have initiated this change.o   This is what is intended – same systems developed and used in head office, same customer service techniques, same fitness classes and changed monthlyThe CEO and Board are very keen but are also expecting resistance from some personal trainers who believe they create better routines than head office.  No one is aware of the impending changes.You are being given the responsibility of developing a detailed organisational development plan which will clearly address what is needed to be developed, how and why the development will occurAssessment TaskSTAGE 1 – SWOT analysisIdentify and list the key elements in each quadrant. Get these down on paper as the first step.Internal: Strengths & WeaknessesThe top two sections (STRENGTHS and WEAKENESSES) both originate internally. These are things that you can control. Strengths are helpful; Weaknesses are harmful.External: Opportunities & ThreatsThe lower two sections (OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS) both originate externally. These are things that you cannot control. Opportunities are helpful; Threats are harmful.STAGE 2 – Organisational Development Plan – (use layout/format below)ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN Project Name Prepared By Mei shikawaDate (05/13/2018)INTRODUCTION This is where you discuss the reasons, advantages and disadvantages of the current situation: (a)  Discuss the factors that have shown that the change is needed.(b)  Discuss the advantages of this organizational development and the need for clear planning (c)     Discuss briefly how resistance and reluctance to change will be managed. ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT SCOPE – OVERVIEW (This section can be brief. It provides an overview of the topics that will be covered in the main body of the plan.)a. Stakeholder Management Who will be affected by the business changes? Mention the support you expect from each of the stakeholders and their influence on the organisation. Discuss your plan for building greater support among those with the most influence. Who are the supporters and who are the challengers to implementing the project?Mention how much the stakeholders’ currently know about the project and plan. How much do you want them to know? How will you engage stakeholders to be willingly involved and support the change?(This information could be written in an essay or report format or placed in a table such as …)Stakeholders (At least 3)AwarenessH/M/LDegree of Support or ChallengeInfluenceH/M/LPlan for greater support b. Communication Without accurate and on time information shared amongst involved stakeholders, confusion, resistance and frustration will prevail. How will you invite open feedback and then respond constructively? Describe stakeholder groups (should be the same list as previous topic) Develop a communication plan that specifies who will get: ·

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