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ESSAY #1 ( PICK ONE TOPIC)Please answer ONE of the following:1.What is withdrawal behavior? How does it affect the organization? Elaborate. 1.  2.Describe some ways by which management can attract, select, and recruit diverse employees 2. in an organization.  3.Discuss the cognitive dissonance theory. How do individuals seek consistency among their 3. attitudes, and between their attitudes and their behavior?ESSAY #2 ( PICK ONE TOPIC)1.Describe the five value dimensions of national culture as identified by the Hofstede’s 1. framework for assessing cultures. 2.What are the three ethical decision criteria? Explain. 2. 3.Explain how a manager motivates employees with reference to Herzberg’s two-factor theoryESSAY#3 (PICK ONE TOPIC)1.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of group decisions as compared to individual 1. decisions.  2.Discuss the three common small-group networks. Evaluate each on their effectiveness. Is there 2. any one best network?3.Compare and contrast charismatic leadership from the understanding of leadership under the 3. attribution theory.ESSAY#4  (PICK ONE TOPIC)1.Describe a functional conflict and dysfunctional conflict that could exist because of structure.  2.Compare and contrast centralized and decentralized organizations.  3.Describe the organizational factors that create stress and discuss how they compare to the  factors of resistance to change. How are they similar and different? Are the methods for managing change useful for managing stress caused by organizational factors?

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