(Solved)G Unit 6: Learning Activitie: x Ye Dolomework – Mark Cax G

G Unit 6: Learning Activitie: x Ye Dolomework – Mark Cax G Google X yati – o x + C o a Secure | & * 2 + 2 + B S A G O ! Apps * Bookmarks e Man Utd Arsenal Live Apple Y Yahoo! A Guoyle Maps o YouTube I News I impurled from Salari I Popular D doner » I OLher bookmarks 17/FA. OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Mark Ceart | 12/9/17 8:47 PM Seve Homework: Unit 6 AS: Homework 6 Score: 0.6 of 3 pts & Problem 13 7 of 8 (8 coimipiste) Y HW Score: 78%, 15.6 of 20 pts = Question Help 0 Sam’s Cat Hotel operates 57 weeks per year. 5 days per week, and uses a continuous review inwentary system if pichames kitty Iitter for $17 on per hag The following information is available about these mags Refer to the standard normal tale for 7-values – Demand-95 bagsweek Order cost = $iorder > Annual holding cost = 28 percent of const > Desired cycle-service level = 98 percent > Lead firm = 4 wook(S) (20 working days) » Standard deviation of weekly derrand = 13 beays > Current on-hand inventory is 300 bags, with no opan orders or backorders. a. What is the E00? Sam’s optimal order quantity is 409 bags. (Erter pour response rourcled to the nearest whole rinnor.) What would be the average time between orders (in weeks)? The average time between orders is 43 weeks (Enter your response munded to one decimal place) b. What should be? The reorder point is bags. (Endsr your response rouwmcled to the nearest whole nuruter.) Enter your answer in the answer box and then click Check Answer 7 parts 7 Pemainung Clear All Cixxik ArnswCI | 8:47 PM * 12/9/2017 FMR O Type here to search ! :D) 9 x) oz e NI P3 wa A A

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