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Good evening Tutor! Please help with the following case study “The work friends” there are four questions that I’m struggling with and hope you can answer them to the best of your ability. first Ill type the story and at the end Ill put the questions I need too answer. Thanks:)Charlotte and Brian both work as pharmacist at a large drug store chain. Although it was against company policy for two employees in the same store to engage in an intimate relationship, they did for two years. Brian and Charlotte successfully hid their relationship, but recently Charlotte broke off the relationship with Brian as they constantly fought about wanting to get married and have children. Charlotte made it clear she is not interested in getting married or having children and she got tired of discussing it all the time. She is currently dating a gentleman that she met on line. Brian was not happy about the decision to end the relationship and is aggressive and rude towards Charlotte when she is at work. He knows about her new relationship and is upset, Brian was a very nice guy throughout their relationship and is very hurt that Charlotte doesn’t want a personal relationship with him anymore. He makes inappropriate and sexual comment and jokes towards her when no one is listening and is very passive aggressive when co-workers and customers are around. He constantly send her emails and texts. Charlotte has asked to be relocated to another store but it will take 3 or more months before she will be able to transfer to another location.In the meantime Charlotte has to make do. She is ignoring Brian and not acknowledging his behavior, but this strategy doesn’t seem to be working!Questions:1) What time of jealousy is Brian exhibiting? Is is Cognitive, Emotional, or Behavioural jealousy? What strategies can Brian to deal with his jealousy?2) What conflict styles are Charlotte and Brian, respectively, demonstrating by approaching their current situation? 3) Considering the “ways to manage conflict” what two strategies that both Charlotte and Brian can take to engage in effective professional communication while they continue to work in the same store?4) Before she gets transferred to another store, she notices that Brian is avoiding doing routine end of day tasks that pharmacists complete when closing the store, leaving Charlotte to do the most of the work. Discuss how Charlotte can benefit from two of the assertiveness strategies in this professional conversation with Brian??I appreciate all the help you can provide me….thanks!!!

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