(Solved)Harassment claims shine light on California Capitol partyin

Harassment claims shine light on California Capitol partying campaign fundraisers and cause he’d have to “walk wise punished. She had awash in allegations of sexual harassment, creat- nities for colleagues to do business and socialize. blings, andmen are upset” about social events involving al g we cohol nearly always is pre- 8 the Legislature is a regular en-led Sacramento fitm she said. mento, where policymak- a radio interview about drinks, women have to be who have already decided ing and deal-cutting often the Capitol culture, a man concerned with what that means and where they’re some not-good things Jodi Hicks, a lobbyist and partner at the women-lecd that they’reOK with doing more brazen,” she It also causes other dmaking Sacramento, Calif., firm DBHK, says a man told her he would not hire her firm for fear he would have to “walk on eggshells.” Hicks says that’s the wrong way to fix the sexual harassment coming to light in the even The Senate in 2015 California capital. RICH PEDRONCELL/AP was a legislative staff cused of drunken driving. member. Elise Gyore, an- Senate President Pro Tem tutions Committee. DeLe- on, until recently a house- plenty of makers, staff members ways for law- hands down her blouse. go to after-hours polical alleged inappropriate beat breakfasts or at mi out of town stay in Sacra- Jennifer Fcaring, who could be productive,” she least 30 evening fundrais volves needing to be at tings is paramount. She ON STRIKE Capitol Morning Report tina Garcia said it is men employees that included The Legislature has who choose to misbehave, creation ofsafe words that faced criticism of its han- not the events, that create female staff members can nearly 150 women signed of the public realizes that It’s all part of what she a letter in October outlin our job is based on rela- hopes will bring lasting ing a pervasive culture of tionships, and so we are change for men, wlingly a Bell Gardens Democrat whoco-chairs theLegisla- changes just out of fear of it no longer being covered On Friday, de Leon rec-

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