(solved)health administration homework, explain what happened in these 3 chapters.. . . . .

THE PURPOSE OF THESE QUESTIONS IS TO HELP YOU REFINE YOUR ANALYSIS & BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS SKILLS.  These are the criteria on which you will be graded. Short Answer 1.   Summary:  In 1 BRIEF paragraph, explain what happened in these 3 chapters.2.   Chapter 22:  Other than preventing a future injury or death, what interest does the hospital medical staff have in dealing with a doctor’s inadequate patient care capabilities?   What’s the difference between fraud and infringement of rules, and why was the hospital put in the latter category?   What’s the difference between mal-practice and an intentional tort?  What is a tort, anyway?3.   Chapter 23:  Briefly list Ramer’s 4 scams.5.   Chapter 24:  What’s the problem with open purchase orders?Why would nursing stations hoard supplies, and what problem does this create for hospitals?What do pre-certification programs & gatekeepers “manage” in Managed Care programs?

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