(Solved)Identify an advantage of the balance sheet approach to de

Identify an advantage of the balance sheet approach to determining the compensation of expatriates.

A.It ensures that the expatriates maintain a balance between productivity and expected performance.

B.It develops the criteria for measuring the success of an overseas assignment.

C.It helps expatriate managers to recognize differences and similarities between cultures.

D.It helps managers to get the same standard of living as in the home country.

E.It helps expatriates develop valuable skills during the overseas assignment.

Which of the following statements describes a consideration that applies to training employees from a culture high in power distance?

A.Employees will expect to be able to discuss and ask questions about the training content.

B.Employees will want to have an informal, unstructured agenda.

C.Employees will view trainers as experts, authoritarian, and controlling.

D.Employees will expect to be allowed to determine the pace of the programs.

E.Employees will consider themselves to have an equal relationship with the trainer.

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