(Solved)In service industries, capacity is often viewed as the __

In service industries, capacity is often viewed as the _____.
a. minimum rate of output per unit time

b. amount of setup time

c. units of resource availability
d. amount of overtime scheduled

Based upon your readings in the textbook, consider the following scenario: Magnira Hotels is a leading chain of hotels. Its managers reserve 30% of the rooms available only to the members of its club. They also provide the rooms at subsidized prices to these members. In this scenario, which of the following components of revenue management system is most likely used by Magnira Hotels?

a. Investment

b. Allocation

c. Capacity expansion
d. Capacity sharing

Customers entering a queue (waiting line) at a cafeteria on a first come, first served basis. The arrival rate follows a Poisson distribution, and the maximum length is unlimited. If the average number of arrivals is 6 customers per minute and the average service rate per minute of a single server is 10 per minute, what is the average number of customers in the system? Assume Model 1.

a. 0.6

b. 0.9

c. 1.50

d. 0.25

e. none of the above

Thinking in terms of the Theory of Constraints, Lumeris Inc., an automobile manufacturer, has an inflexible work schedule and requires its workers to work nine hours a day and six days a week. Its laborers do not have adequate skills to perform their job efficiently. The inflexible work schedule and inadequate labor skills are examples of _____.

a. physical constraints

b. nonphysical constraints

c. bottleneck activities

d. work orders

e. idle time

Under the Theory of Constraints, nonbottleneck management principles differ from bottleneck management principles because according to nonbottleneck management principles, _____.

a. idle time is acceptable if there is no work to do

b. an hour lost at a nonbottleneck resource is an hour lost for the entire process or factory output

c. the input should always exceed the capacity

d. An hour lost at a nonbottleneck resource is an hur gained at another nonbottleneck point in the factory output

e. large order sizes should be used to minimize setup time and maximize resource utilization

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