(solved)MGMT 615 Midterm Assignment The Case of a Troubled Work Team Analysis of Team Case Described below is the situation of a troubled, diverse team that…. . . . .

MGMT 615Midterm AssignmentThe Case of a Troubled Work TeamAnalysis of Team CaseDescribed below is the situation of a troubled, diverse team that you guide and manage. You decide how to approach the situation or problem. In approximately five to seven (5-7) double spaced pages, analyze how you would manage this situation if you were the leader. What would you consider? What steps would you take? What would be your expected outcome(s)? What would you do if your approach did not work, and you need a backup plan? What readings and models from our course work provide guides or a foundation to support your analysis?(If it’s easier for you, feel free to imagine that you’re working for a particular company on a particular project, and describe it very briefly, along with your plan to deal with the situation you are facing. That way you will have something more concrete in which to work.)To help you with this assignment, read the course materials that focus on Managing Multicultural Teams, Effective Multicultural Teams and their Leadership, and Team Leadership. You may also find Adler – Creating Cultural Synergy to be helpful, if you decide that that’s a good strategy for resolving the conflict in your team as described below.What Would You Do?You are the leader of a six person team. The team all works out of an office in New Jersey. The team is made up of the following people:  Michael – 43 year old (African-American)  Li – 51 year old female (Chinese)  Jinsoo – 27 year old (Korean)  Cyrus – 32 year male (Iranian)  Nadera – 30 year old female (Indian)  Patrick – 33 year old (Irish)Cyrus and Nadera joined the team six (6) months ago. The rest of the team has been together for nine (9) months. The team has been working on a critical project that is due to be delivered in 30 days. You, as the leader, have a lot riding on this project, including a promotion and bonus. Cyrus and Nadera have unique skills and experience that require them to work together on a key part of your project; however, they do not get along and have been bickering and complaining about each other for the last month or so. Today, Nadera complained to you that Cyrus, as a Muslim, has been deliberately undermining her and does not respect her because she is a woman and a Hindu.The rest of the team is becoming distracted by the situation and your project is getting off schedule.What do you do to get the team back on track and meet your deadline?Evaluation Factors for Scoring the Midterm: The Team CaseYou must incorporate all of the following aspects within your assignment. Objectives for the paper are used to guide scoring. These objectives are:1. Integrates cultural dimension theories from Hofstede and Adler to clarify cultural differences of the team members and why/how they can lead to conflict.2. Applies leadership and diversity management theories from readings appropriately to build plan for guiding and managing a diverse team.3. Uses critical thinking to determine weaknesses in your current plan and develop a backup option.4. Written communication to explain ideas and analysis clearly.

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