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Think about a risk that you were involved in professionally. What type of risk was it? What were the consequences?USE ABOUT A PAGE FOR EACH WITH CITATION.First Post For this week’s discussion, incorporate the following concepts into your post:Provide a brief background of the purpose of the risk.Discuss the consequences of the risk. How were you affected by it?If a negative risk, what could have been done to avoid it, knowing what you know now?If a positive risk, would you go through it again? Explain.Reply Post Review another student’s risk and offer a different perspective on the risk and consequences.*****HERE IS THE REPLY POST: BtanyOne risk that I was involved in professionally was taking the job from full-time and benefits moving down to a co-op. The co-op position didn’t include benefits and the pay was lower. I did it for the experience in Human Resources, without it my schooling would have been for nothing. I was still involved with the company, I had the experience of the floor. I got to see more behind the scenes and be involved in a union environment. I was affected by it in which I had to drive an hour one way to work and work in the office. I no longer had the company match 401K, the security of having a stable job, and I was no longer making the production work or wage. I had to learn more about the policies and follow them and dealing more with the employees. I would go through it again, I got the experience I needed and I learned so much about myself. Without it, I wouldn’t have met the people I did. I also got to know more about the company from a different aspect.

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