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Homework AssignmentWhen looking at the outside of a system, it is not always easy to determine the type of CPU or any other details. For example, what is the speed, the size of the cache, or the multiplier? A freeware tool called CPU-Z can give you this information.To complete this assignment, you will need to download and run the CPU-Z on your home computer and identify the specific CPU details listed below. Report your findings in a PowerPoint Presentation.1. Go to, and download CPU-Z.2. Extract the Zip file, and launch the CPU-Z program.3. Select the CPU tab, and record the following details:? Name? Code name? Package? Technology? Voltage? Bus speed? Multiplier? Core speed4. Select the Cache tab, and record the following details:? L1 cache size? L2 cache size? CPU specification identificationProvide the information requested above in a PowerPoint presentation. Your presentation should address the following:1. Use an appropriate background/theme.2. Include a title slide with the title of the presentation, your name, date, and course name.3. The second slide should identify or discuss the computer system you are using for this assignment, such as the manufacturer, model, series, date of manufacture, etc. (Use the Internet to help you, and cite your sources using APA format.)4. Your presentation should consist of a minimum of four slides.5. The final slide must be a reference slide.

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Answer to Need someone who is good at completing presentations. Who can handle this type of assignment? . . .


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