(Solved)Promotional Mix and IMC Tools Identify the key marketing co

Promotional Mix and IMC Tools Identify the key marketing communication methods and specific IMC tools you will use in your marketing campaign. How will you use each of these tools? Look for ways different methods and tools can build on each other: advertising, direct marketing, public relations, digital marketing. guerrilla marketing, personal selling, sales promotion. Sales Alignment At what point(s) in the sales process (or sales funnel) does this campaign operate? Sales process stages are: 1) generate leads; 2) build relationships/discover needs; 3) present solution/resolve concerns; 4) close the sale; 5) monitor and follow up. How does your campaign support sales activity? Measurement (KPIs-Key Performance Indicators) How will you measure the success of the campaign? Select 3-6 KPls (key performance indicators) that you will measure. Briefly explain why each KPI you select will be a good indicator of whether your campaign is successful Examples of KPls . Total sales/revenue New/incremental sales Number of qualified leads generated . Net Promoter Score . Web site unique visitors Number of registrations/sign-ups Impressions- views of content CTR-click through rate Engagement-comments, likes, shares, pageviews, video views Followers – social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, YouTube) Awareness Etc

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