(solved)Roles and Responsibilities of Case Managers. . . . .

PLEASE READ….. I WILL NOT PAY MORE THAN OFFERED…. PAPER DUE 7 AM IM THE MORNINGPLEASE CITE PROPERLY…… DO NOT PLAGIARIZE… IN APA FORMATAssume the role of a hiring manager who is looking to hire a case manager.Research case management roles and responsibilities, as well as job requirements for case managers in your area.Review the duties of case managers as explained in the readings.Write a job posting that includes the following:Provides a detailed description about the case manager role.Presents the roles and responsibilities of a case manager in your areaExplains the expectations for how to case manage clientsDifferentiates between providing interventions for clients as opposed to being a case manager for clientsSupport your work with a minimum of 3 sources.

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