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Question 1.1.Which is a key benefit of the Control Cost process? (Points : 9)
Provides the means to recognize variance from the plan in order to take corrective actionApproves changes to the budgetAssures the project will not overrun the budgetMakes changes to the Project Management PlanQuestion 2.2.Actual cost is: (Points : 9)
the authorized budget assigned to scheduled work.the realized cost for the work performed.the activity amount before any reserves are included.a measure of the work performed expressed in terms of the budget authorized for that work.
Question 3.3.There is (are) _________ way(s) to calculate the EAC. (Points : 9)
Question 4.4.What should be used if EVM is not being used? (Points : 9)
Actual costsPlanned costs
Budgeted costs
Analysis of the cost baseline against actual costs for the work performed
Question 5.5.If earned value (EV) = 450, actual cost (AC) = 500, and planned value (PV) = 425, what is cost performance index (CPI)? (Points : 9)
Question 6.6.If earned value (EV) = 450, actual cost (AC) = 500, and planned value (PV) = 425, what is schedule performance index (SPI)? (Points : 9)
Question 7.7.One way to calculate the estimate at completion (EAC) is to divide the budget at completion (BAC) by the __________. (Points : 9)
Question 8.8.Perform Quality Assurance is in the __________ Process Group: (Points : 9)
Monitoring and ControllingClosingExecutingPlanning
Question 9.9.Which is a key benefit of the Perform Integrated Change Control process? (Points : 9)
Makes changes to the project management plan
Allows stakeholders to understand the state of the project
Prepares deliverables for acceptance
Reduces risk
Question 10.10.Configuration identification management activities are included in the__________ process: (Points : 9)
Perform Integrated Change Control
Validate Scope
Control Scope
Collect Requirements
Question 11.11.Processes in which of the following Project Management Process Groups produce change requests? (Points : 9)
All of the above
Question 12.12.A __________ is used to document changes that occur during the project. (Points : 9)
change log
change control board
change baseline
change request
Question 13.13.Administrative closure of the project includes all of the following except: (Points : 9)
activities to collect project records
release resources
actions and activities to satisfy completion criteria
actions to transfer the project’s products to the next phase
Question 14.14.The project’s cost of changes typically: (Points : 9)
increases as the project time increases
stays the same during the project time
decreases as the project time increases.peaks in the middle of the project time.Question 15.15.The key benefit of the Control Scope process is it: (Points : 9)
accepts deliverables.verifies deliverables
allows the scope baseline to be maintained
reduces rework.Question 16.16.Change requests outputs from Validate Scope for defect repair are: (Points : 9)
sent directly to the Direct and Manage Project Work process.reviewed in the Quality Control process.reviewed in the Perform Integrated Change Control process.reviewed in the Quality Assurance process.Question 17.17.The organizational process assets that can influence the Control Scope process include the following except: (Points : 9)
informal scope control-related policies
monitoring and reporting templates
formal scope control-related policies
variance analysis
Question 18.18.Fast tracking is a technique used to shorten the schedule by: (Points : 9)
reducing scope
changing the critical path
doing tasks in parallel
adding resources
Question 19.19.Schedule performance reviews include all of the following except: (Points : 9)
critical path method
trend analysis
earned value management
Question 20.20.Change requests outputs from Control Scope process are: (Points : 9)
reviewed in the Perform Integrated Change Control process.reviewed in the work performance data.reviewed in the Quality Assurance process.sent directly to the Direct and Manage Project Work process.

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