(Solved)Table 2: Project Deliverables/Activities and Durations

Table 2: Project Deliverables/Activities and Durations



Supplier Product Agreement

Sourcing Requirements

Develop sourcing team

3 days

Determine sourcing strategy

3 days

Sourcing Proposal

Assess the supply market

7 days

Analyze price and cost

7 days

Supplier Selection Criteria

Determine supplier ability to meet product and service quality

7 days

Identify any risk associated with supplier

7 days

Supplier Responsibility Standards

Implement management systems to ensure business continuity and continuous improvement

21 days

Monitor activities of a supplier to confirm compliance

30 days

Supplier Performance Measurement Criteria

Establish metrics & KPI for potential contacts

14 days

Evaluate and measure supplier performance through scorecards

30 days

Gantt Chart

Assume that the project starts on 10/30/2017. Using the data in Table 2 above, construct a Gantt Chart for the SCM project.

The Gantt Chart should depict Activity Name, Start Date, Finish Date, Duration, and Predecessors.

The Gantt Chart should display the critical path.

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