(Solved)The Fork City Council is making plans to allocate funds ($9

The Fork City Council is making plans to allocate funds ($900,000) remaining in this year’s budget. There are nine projects considered. The estimated cost of each project, the estimated number of new jobs each would create, and the desirability of each projectthe larger the better) are summarized below: Project Cost ($1,000) 400 350 50 100 500 90 220 150 140 New jobs Desirability 1. Hire new police officers 2. Modernize police headquarters 3. Buy two new police cars 4. Give bonuses to foot patrol police officers 5. Buy new fire truck support equipment 6. Hire assistant fire chief 7. Restore cuts to sports programs at schools 8. Restore cuts to school music 41 17 25 19 36 28 16 30 9. Buy new computers for high school The council is going to select the project(s) based on their desirability and cannot partially invest in a project. In addition, the council wants to create at least 10 jobs, and wants to invest at least in two projects. (a) Fomulate an integer Write necessary constraint(s) for the following parts. (Notes: Each part is independent.) (b) Although police-related projects (1, 2, 3, 4) have high desirability, the council feels that it must also be fair to other sectors of public service (fire (6) and education (7, 8, 9)). Accordingly, it wishes to fund at most three of the police-related projects. (c) Either two police cars should be purchased, or the fire truck should be purchased but not both. (d) The council believes that if it decides to restore funds cut from the sports programs at the schools (7), or restore funds cut from their music programs (8), then the other should be funded. (e) Both sports and music funds must be restored before new computer equipment can be purchased. (f) Project 1 must not be selected if both project 2 and project 3 are selected. (g) Project 1 must not be selected if either project 2 or project 3 is selected. (h) Number of police-related projects should not exceed the number of education-related projects. ger programming model for the above problem.

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