(Solved)The major project for the course is a Human Resource Powe

The major project for the course is a Human Resource PowerPoint. Students will prepare a PowerPoint to be submitted at the end of the course. The project must include work in one of the areas listed below. Work will count for about 25% of the final grade.

Human Resource Management:

Human resource management is an important part of an organization’s success. Today’s businesses face a changing world of external and internal pressures that require more flexibility in recruiting, training, and keeping employees than ever. The ability of organizations to adapt to changes depends upon the resources it has available, and human resources are the most valuable organizational resources. The basic aspects of human resource management include staffing, selecting and promoting employees, management development, employee training, conducting performance appraisals and reviews, creating flexible compensation benefit packages and incentives, and monitoring worker relations. This paper will examine the aspects of human resource management and demonstrate the increasing necessity of effective human resource management to the success of a business.

Areas (Select 1)

Compensation and Benefits

Examples of items to cover

Payroll administration

Job evaluation

Time and attendance management

Medical/dental benefits

Leave time eligibility, application and administration

Merit pay design

Stock option

Profit sharing

OT authorization compliance

Faster performance review for merit recommendations

Benchmarking profit sharing with competitors

Automatic paycheck deposit

Eligibility for employee stock option plan (ESOP)

Labor Relations

Examples of items to cover


Conflict dispute resolution





Interpersonal communication



Union negotiations

Drug and alcohol

DFSS process design for discipline/termination/dismissal

Job design and negotiation for outplacement

Website development for executive communication with employees

Discrimination and harassment compliance audit and monitoring

Legal Issues

Examples of items to cover


Privacy of personal information

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Employee handbook publication

Accurate tracking of FMLA eligibility with secure internal website

FAQ section of employee handbook for answering common queries

Organizational Development

Examples of items to cover

Career and succession planning

Change management

Communication programs



Employee satisfaction

Job design – telecommuting


Organizational culture

Performance improvement

Workplace planning

Company-wide employee satisfaction survey via internal website, publication of results and posting of ongoing improvement plans and results

Identification of needs of diverse workforce

Workgroup design for customized customer service delivery

Electronic performance review for consolidation of reviews from remote sites

HR Staffing and Selection

Examples of items to cover

Contingent workers

Employee contracts

Exit interviews






Security and background checks

Increase job posting hit rate

Design of job posting templates for recruiters

Increase retention using exit interview information

Decrease number of days to respond to applicant

Use of technicians for some functions performed by engineers

Decrease use of full security checks when not necessary


Examples of items to cover

Design and development


Training evaluations

New employee orientation

Management training and administration (internal certification)

Compensation for external education

Improved learning module design with self-evaluation sections

Catalog of available modules for self-learning

Workplace Health and Safety

Examples of items to cover

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Insurance claims

Drug expenses

100% use of off-site safety audits

Approved generic drug list

You should select one area from the above list that reflects a program or practice in your current or previous place of employment. For example, for Area 5 HR Staffing, you might select a structured interview guide or examine the steps in the selection process; for area VI Training and Development you might focus on the challenges associated with transfer of training in your organization and develop a strategy to enhance transfer. Work in the selected area should include the following:

1. One slide can be a narrative or problem statement describing the background, major issues, practices, and problems/challenges based on personal knowledge/experiences, observations, and/or interviews.

2. One slide should include a copy of any materials or active link in reference to the program or practice. For example, a list of the steps in selection; a copy of the interview guide; the performance appraisal form or a copy of the policy etc. Note: Materials will be kept confidential by the instructor and will not be shared with others.

3. You should look for material that provides strategic direction concerning how to address the problem or challenge you have identified in #1 above. Attach a copy of the articles (PDF format, hard copy, or active link.)

4. Provide an evaluation of the program or practice in light of your knowledge of the topic gained in the course, readings (this is your opportunity to synthesize and apply knowledge, and you should provide evidence of your ability to audit the HR function). Discuss how this program or practice supports the organization’s strategic objectives. Based on your evaluation, provide recommendations for the improvement of the effectiveness of the program or practice.

5. Should include between 15 and 18 (maximum) slides and 30 Point font.

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