(solved)wireless technology. . . . .

Prepare a 500 to 700-word Microsoft® Word® document saved under the following naming convention:  LastnameFirstnameW3-1.  Using student John Doe as an example: DoeJohnW3-1.  The requirements for this assignment are to:*  Identify a wireless technology of your choice*  Provide a summary of the wireless technology that you chose*  Discuss how your chosen technology is used in your personal and/or professional life (meaning you specifically – not a family member or someone you know)*  List at least one reference at the end of the paper – and cite in the body of the paper where usedFormatyour paper using the “New APA Paper Template: 100-299” Word document (located in the Class Home page under Academic Resources)           *  Download the “New APA Paper Template: 100-299”       *  Use the “New APA Paper Template: 100-299” to write your assignment

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Answer to wireless technology . . .


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